dispositivi di sicurezza

Safety Devices


  • 3-layer soft colored non-woven mask customizable with logo
  • breathable and water-repellent fabric. made in Italy.
  • washable and sterilizable at 60 ° or with sanitizing spray
  • the non-woven fabric is produced with 100% non-irritating polypropylene (ISO 10993.3) and is not cytotoxic (ISO 10993.5) the materials supplied are of preferential origin, e.g. the mask is not a medical device.

0,99€ iva inclusa

mascherina sicurezza

Protective screen:

  • Plexiglass protective screen for desk or desk, customizable with logo.
  • format: 50x70cm – 80x70cm – 100x70cm. available on request in any size.
  • anti-glare, anti-scratch, rounded corners, fireproof.
schermo protettivo

Sanitizing door column:

  • sanitizing door column customizable with logo
  • height 110cm. complete with glove pockets and basket holes.
  • made of light plastic material and easy to move.
  • flame retardant, suitable for indoor use.
colonna igienizzante

Walkable adhesive:

  • walkable floor adhesive, safety spacer, customizable with logo.
  • easy to install. washable. </ strong> </ li>
  • achievable in any format.
adesivo calpestabile




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